We are proud to announce our new partnership with Databricks. With this partnership, we are committed to helping our customers unlock the full potential of their data and accelerate their digital transformation journeys

Databricks Professional Service Partnership

Through our partnership with Databricks, WiseAnalytics can now help our customers build custom CDP and Martech architectures on a single platform. This will enable them to leverage the power of Databricks to gain valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions. We can also help our customers to quickly and easily set up, configure, and manage their Databricks environment. This will allow them to maximize their return on investment and reduce their time to market.
Furthermore, our partnership with Databricks will enable us to provide our customers with the best possible support. This means that our customers in Europe and the US can benefit from advanced capabilities such as data strategy and design, migrate and modernize, operationalize and scale, and more. We believe that by leveraging the power of Databricks, our customers will be able to drive innovation, accelerate their digital transformation journeys, and gain a competitive edge. We look forward to helping our customers achieve their goals and unlock the full potential of their data

Data strategy and value identification

WiseAnalytics can help modernize existing data solutions and harness the full power of Azure Databricks for AI and machine learning. We provide use case-based solutions with our robust Microsoft and Databricks knowledge to help increase business agility, unify cross-functional teams, and create a faster time to value. Our data blueprint is designed to be business-aligned to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Migration and operationalization

WiseAnalytics has skilled Azure Databricks practitioners distributed in London, Dubai, Amsterdam & Bangalore, dedicated to helping organizations migrate and modernize their data ecosystems to Azure native services and unlock the potential of modern data, MLOps and compute capabilities. WiseAnalytics enables data teams to embed AI in analytics applications and operationalize data engineering, data science and MLOps using MLflow.

Scaling and value realization

WiseAnalytics leverages Databricks’ industry solution accelerators, such as risk management in financial services and demand forecasting in retail, to drive value at scale. Wiseanalytics offers expertise to help businesses future-proof their technology, manage multi-cloud environments, integrate data and systems, ensure advanced security and privacy, automate drift detection, enable explainable AI, and AIOps for continuous improvement.